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Your 3D-Printing Partner

We offer you tailor-made solutions for your applications. With our state-of-the-art 3D printers, we offer you the highest quality and flexibility. ​ Overcome the design and production limits with us and break new ground with us in industrial production.

Your Advantages

Benefit from the advantages of additive manufacturing when combining prototypes and series components. Streamline and accelerate the processes and use the maximum design freedom!

Cost Advantages

Time Advantages



Design freedom


Additive manufacturing offers a wide range of possible applications.


Small Series

Our HP MJF printer is predestined for the production of small series (100 - 5,000 pieces). Here, additive manufacturing scores above all with extremely short delivery times and an unrivaled component quality in terms of balanced mechanical properties.


Functional Parts

Theoretically, any 3D geometry can be produced using additive manufacturing. In this way, it is often possible to dispense with the production of many individual elements. Even moving parts can be manufactured within a fixed geometry.



When manufacturing prototypes, the underlying data should be converted into workpieces as quickly and directly as possible. The more similar the prototype is designed to the original part, the better you can test your products in advance.

Why us?

Our experience allows us to think sustainably.

Our understanding brings you efficiency.

With our support, starting with the selection of the right 3D printing technology, through the development of your components suitable for 3D printing, to the manufacture of your components, you can benefit from the many advantages of 3D printing.


Thanks to the comprehensive quality assurance measures and the professional equipment, high-precision parts are produced at all times.


What is Additive Manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing (AM), also commonly referred to as 3D printing, is a manufacturing process that builds up a material layer by layer to create a solid body. This principle makes it possible to realize complex geometries.


Commonly used materials are plastic, synthetic resin, metal or ceramic.


However, additive manufacturing and "3D printing" cannot be equated: While 3D printing describes the manufacture of a component using a 3D printer, additive manufacturing is much more comprehensive and includes the entire process: from 3D printing-optimized design and development to prototype construction and towards series production using 3D printing.

Your Possibilities

Individual Products

More and more individual products are required, which often leads to a lot of extra work in production, e.g. when setting up or reprogramming systems.


Theoretically, with additive manufacturing, each component can deviate from the previous one without any additional effort being required for the system. This therefore drastically affects the manufacturing cost.

Design ohne Titel (38).png

Complex Geometry

Due to the layered structure in additive manufacturing processes, restrictions that occur in conventional manufacturing processes can be completely neglected and thus enable a much more flexible and complex structure of component geometries.

Functional Integration

Theoretically, any 3D geometry can be produced using additive manufacturing. In this way, it is often possible to dispense with the production of many individual elements. Even moving parts can be manufactured within a fixed geometry.

Design ohne Titel (37).png

Lightweight Construction

Less weight saves resources, but these structures must also be manufacturable. This is where additive manufacturing comes into play, as it offers the necessary design freedom to produce lightweight structures. Additive manufacturing allows a high level of design freedom to replicate bionic structures. By optimizing the topology, we are able to derive suitable solutions for mechanical problems based on the structures that exist in nature.



Milling Fixture



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Drilling Template

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Batch Production


Paint Masking


Air Duct


Paint Masking


Grease Applicator


Drilling Template






Blow Mold


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